Camp Sunnah 2020

When: Aug. 17th – 23rd, 2020

Application Deadline: July 6th, 2020


    What is Camp Sunnah?

    The longest running Western-Canadian Muslim
    youth leadership Camp is gearing up for its 15th year!

    Camp Sunnah is a unique project hosted by NYM Ink. Combine the fun, revitalizing aspects of camping in the outdoors with the inspiring and learning aspects of spending an afternoon with a scholar, and you get an idea of the Camp Sunnah Experience.

    At Camp Sunnah you’ll have the rare opportunity to camp with fellow Muslims as you learn and talk about relevant contemporary issues facing the Muslim world with our gifted and qualified scholars. Afterwards, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful camp environment as we hike, swim, and horse-ride through Allah (SWT)’s creation!

    Camp Sunnah not only provides educational lectures from very knowledgeable and charismatic scholars, but is also an opportunity for the next generation of leaders to elevate the application of this Deen from the theoretical to the practical in our context living in North America. Many youth leaders from Camp Sunnah go on to start or assist in various outreach projects around Canada utilizing the skills and connections they formed during the Camp.

    For more detailed information on Camp Sunnah, please visit the Information section.

    Camp Sunnah is a high-quality camp focused on individual development. As such, space is limited, and we often receive many more interested attendees then spots available. Attending Camp Sunnah is an application process, to apply please visit our Application Page.

    What is Camp Sunnah? | Camp Sunnah